Continual Training

25 January 2024

Ivo started training to become a heating engineer in 2021 after running a successful gardening business for 10 years. Due to always having had a mechanical interest from a young age, Ivo wanted a change of careers to make more use of his technical abilities and interests.It was a long road, which first started with Ivo redoing his whole heating system and wiring in his own home (excluding the actual boiler installation as Ivo wasn’t Gas Safe registered at that time). After confirming his interest and abilities Ivo booked 2 multi year training courses in Boilers/Gas/Heating/Plumbing and Electrics.These were done over weekends and during the week. About 30 exams later (all passed) Ivo then needed to undertake a program of working for an existing registered Gas Safe engineer to gain experience servicing, installing and repairing boilers in peoples homes. A portfolio documenting all of this work was then submitted for marking, enabling access to the final exams needed to be able to apply to be Gas Safe registered.A similar process was followed while becoming a qualified electrician, the only difference being that electrical work has a different certifying and portfolio system.Having had his Gas Safe registration approved Ivo now regularly attends boiler manufacturer training courses. These include regulations, installation, maintenance, diagnostics and fault rectifying courses which often run for the whole day. The training is never complete as new products enter the market and new technical and safety updates are implemented. Ivo (like all gas engineers) is also periodically inspected to ensure total safety and full compliance with all rules.

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